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Gavin Cloutier - Nonstop worker who produces results!


The Gavin Cloutier Advantage…

Honesty and hard work sums up the real ethos of Gavin Cloutier. Timing and presentation are everything in this industry. I excel in presenting listings as well as following up in the timeliest manner. Your financial best interests are my top priority. My clients are what matters to me.


Gavin’s VISION…

I belong to a ground level company which has enjoyed success beyond measure while traditional brokerages are shrinking and dying. This fact is attributed to Vision’s main goal of providing exceptional service and protecting our clients’ best interests. Pound for pound, we provide more value than any other Brokerage.


Gavin Cloutier’s Commitment…

Your goals are my goals. I have chosen to work with partners and companies that have an excellent reputation in the industry, have the ability to handle our volume and above all believe, as I do, in the highest level of customer service. Ask yourself this: why settle for good, when you can have the best?

Gavin Cloutier’s services


I have had a very rewarding and successful career in real estate, helping everyone from first-time buyers, to seasoned sellers and investors meet their real estate needs. I diligently work to fulfill my clients’ demands with careful consideration.


When selling your home, look no further than me! Professionally marketing and selling property is my expertise. I have a deep understanding of the real estate market and can expertly price your property to help the seller find the highest possible offer in a timely manner. I am a skillful negotiator that can interpret complicated financial statements, pay attention to the client’s needs, and weigh or anticipate other factors that can make or break a deal. Call me today to sell your house.

Buyer/Seller Education

I am able to provide education about the real estate marketplace to both buyers and sellers, so they have the ability to make informed and beneficial decisions!